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# Pair of Louis XIV Stools Converted to Marble Top Tables, Period Pieces


Peso Priced Item. Louis XIV Stools/Benchs Converted to Marble Top Tables, Period Pieces from 18th C. France.

Each measures 19" tall and 20" square.

These were originally upholstered, you can see the tack holes around the upper edges.  The marble they put on it is the highest of quality of French Rouge marble.  


This was purchased from the Polignac Estate more than a decade ago.  The remaining family members of that estate told us that these stools were used to mount their horses in the stables.  Marie de Polignac, the grandmother of the heirs, had the old leather fabric removed and replaced it with this fine French marble. 

If you remember, this was the family that maintained a 2 floor suite in the Georg V Hotel in Paris and these furnishings were shipped to Mexico in the 1950's when they moved to Mexico City.  Rare to find anything from the late 18th C. in this condition ( a few little trim losses from 250+ years of use).   

Note the photos that show the construction of the stool (only one was available at the time of shooting photos but they are identical!) . 


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