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# Candelario Medrano, Santa Cruz de Las Huertas, Nahual


Priced in Mexican Pesos. 

A treasure from my personal collection.. as you can see from the price tag ... I´m not anxious to see it go.. but here´s your opportunity!

Candelario Medrano was an illiterate primitive artist from Santa Cruz de las Huertas (between Tonala and Tlaquepaque).

He was adopted as a youngster by Julian Acero who was, at the time, the master clay worker in the small town. He was famous for his clay toys.

The area was known for making the drain pipes for sewers and roof drains.  Jorge Wilmot (credited with saving the clay industry in the area) encouraged the young Candelario to make something more imaginative from the clay. This ´narwal´design was one of his first, taking from the toys that his father in law was famous for.

This one was purchased from Candelario in the early 70's and is in very good condition, with  9" long and 7" tall . 

This, like most of Candelario and Juan Jose´s works, was painted with the Betus, the pine resin coating that turns into a mustard yellow colored finish when fired. 


An expert from a Guadalajara museum, a friend of Wilmot and frequent visitor to Candelarios´ taller has confirmed that this was done by Candelario himself.  The collector I bought it from stated that he did indeed purchase it from Candelario directly.

I have several of these clay figures done by his children, and grandchildren to offer here on our website.. poco a poco.



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