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# Don Shoemaker Mexican Modern Rosewood Seating; Sold in Pairs


These fabulous rosewood chairs have had the leather professionally replaced in exactly the same material and design as the original. There are 4 available and they are sold in pairs.

They measure 19.5" (50cm) deep, 21.5" (55cm) wide, 27" (69cm) tall at the back and 17.5" (45cm) high at the seat. Like all Shoemaker furniture, they joints are tight, not wobbly in any way!


If you don't know about Don here is some data off Google..

                                              Don Shoemaker's Mexican Modernism

Nebraska native Don Shoemaker studied painting at the Art Institute of Chicago, but he ended up in Mexico after falling in love with the country on his honeymoon. He relocated to San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato in the late 1940s. Within a decade, Shoemaker would move to a village called Santa María de Guido near Morelia, Michoacan, where he founded his own furniture company, Señal S.A., which focused on making contemporary interpretations of traditional Mexican designs and employed over 100 skilled craftsmen. Shoemaker's synthesis of old and new forms appealed to select clients in Mexico and especially to buyers at fashionable retailers in American cities like Los Angeles, Houston, and Chicago. Offering furniture designs that were alternately organic or geometric in emphasis, Shoemaker also used local, native woods like cocobolo and bocote.


            Don S. Shoemaker is Mexico´s most accomplished Mid century furniture designer. 

His  furniture masterpieces in tropical woods from the 1960´s and 1970´s are becoming important examples of 20th century design. The precious woods used to produce his organic forms were unmatchable  by any other furniture designer of his time.


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